However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.

Winston Churchill

What our clients are saying

Nelsen Biomedical has become an arm of our business.  They are as passionate about our business as we are.

John Markin , President & CEO Envirologix

Nelsen Biomedical provides the experienced human capital and raw ingredients required to decode theories, academics and biomedical discovery from ideas into product and profit.

Dr. Charles Muscoplat , MN-REACH Principle Investigator, McKnight Presidential Leadership Chair, Professor of Medicine University of Minnesota

Nelsen Biomedical brings deep knowledge and a wide network of experts to the bio industry. Their timely and strategic consulting has helped make Kawasaki a success. Barbara Nelsen and her team are real professionals.

M Hatta , MD Division Kawasaki Heavy Industries Biomedical Business

Barbara has the unique ability to pull disparate pieces together in novel ways. She is an intent listener who quickly makes sense of complicated opportunities. She offers a strong work ethic, is a joy to work with, and I highly recommend her.

Jessica Zeaske , Partner Echo Health Ventures

Nelsen Biomedical’s extensive scientific and business expertise greatly helped in the development of the business plan and investor presentation for our successful round of initial funding.

Barbara and her team have worked with me since I founded Rebiotix. I continue to work with the firm and to take advantage of their extensive network as we face new challenges in our business. The group offers a blend of business and science difficult to find elsewhere and I enjoy working with them. I highly recommend Nelsen Biomedical.

Lee Jones , CEO Rebiotix

Nelsen Biomedical was instrumental in aligning our board of directors.

Their ability to combine intellect in science and broad understanding of the biotech industry helped our board come together regarding a large strategic opportunity for our company.

John Markin , President and CEO Envirologix

Nelsen Biomedical has a unique ability to do a deep dive on the science while keeping a clear focus on the commercial and strategic implication of the data package.

Thomas Neenan Ph.D , Chief Business Officer Medicinal Bioconvergence Research Center, Seoul National University

Barbara’s diverse skill set enables her to provide comprehensive strategic insights to an early stage company, which lead to value creating milestones.

John M. Rice, PhD , Managing Partner Triathlon Medical Ventures

Blending her vast biomedical knowledge, and her “out of the box” thinking, Barbara Nelsen and her colleagues have challenged us in the best possible way to explore innovative pathways for our biomedical development initiatives. Barbara is highly skilled, engaging, and willing to go the extra mile to bring success to each client. Nelsen Biomedical has proven its value to us in advancing our company’s biomedical business development goals.

Gayl Chrysler , Business Development Executive Innovative Blood Resources