Neuroscience Added to Nelsen Bio’s Expertise

Nelsen Biomedical is pleased to announce that Brittni Peterson will join the team as a full-time employee. Brittni has been working as an intern with Nelsen for the past year while finishing her PhD in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota. She has 8 years of preclinical neuroscience research experience focused on developing novel small molecule and stem cell-based therapeutics for several neurological conditions including stroke, seizures, and drug addiction. In addition, she brings her experience in project management, market research analytics, opportunity assessment and strategic planning that she’s gained through her work with the University’s Office of Technology Commercialization, Office of Discovery and Translation, and Nelsen Biomedical. The combination of her strong life sciences background and business experience provide her with the skillset necessary for mastering the business of science®.

As neuroscience is a key area poised for breakthrough over the next five to ten years, we are very excited to have Brittni on the team and to add Neuroscience to our list of expertise.