Nelsen Bio Publishes A New Market Brief On Biomanufacturing

Rapid growth in the cell therapy industry is driving demand in cellular manufacturing. However, as the industry is its infancy, we are faced with many challenges. To name a few, demand exceeds the current supply, there’s no one-size-fits-all manufacturing solution, and scaling up production from early preclinical to late commercial stages.

In our market research at Nelsen Biomedical, we have elucidated key phases where transitions in manufacturing occur, factors influencing manufacturing decisions from start-up to commercial scale and industry trends geared towards developing more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. In our Manufacturing Matters market brief, we provide an overview of these topics to help companies that provide manufacturing services and solutions and those developing cell therapies develop a successful business strategy.

We are currently writing a more Ndepth version of this market brief, so stay tuned for the full market report coming soon!